Safaricom Foundation Sets Aside Sh 26 Million For Free Medical Camps.

The sun will not rise and set without our notice and thanks to Safaricom Foundation for their sincere contribution to Kenya’s healthcare. Amid  antagonistic political criticisms Safaricom remains a key partner in improving healthcare through its robust governance, excellent policies and processes.Since 2005 Safaricom Foundation and the Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI) have teamed up to reach close to 300,000 people across the country. Safaricom Foundation recently contributed KSh 26 million to fund medical camps over the next one year. In addition, Safaricom Foundation has over the last 12 years contributed over Ksh 167 million towards various programs which have featured 119 free medical camps countrywide.Speaking at Kavata Nzou Primary school where they hosted residents for a free medical camp, Safaricom Foundation Trustee, Josephine Kamanthe said,

Health is one of our main areas of focus as a foundation and our objective is to improve the health status of vulnerable Kenyans. This ties in with the Sustainable Development Goal number 3 which calls for good health and well-being for all. As a foundation we are committed to make a contribution to these goals through the partnerships we have with organizations like DMI.

Services offered during the medical camps include diabetes and cancer screening, dental and eye checks, family planning, VCT services, de-worming and general checkups.

“Through these camps, we are able to sensitize more people about non-communicable diseases like diabetes and the role that a healthy lifestyle plays in preventing such ailments,” said Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre Executive Director Eva Muchemi

The funds contributed by Safaricom Foundation will be used to cater for 6 free medical camps and 3 diabetes youth camps across the country for the next one year.

Residents of Makueni County, benefited from the free medical camp organised by Safaricom Foundation in partnership with the Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI). The one day medical camp offered residents a wide range of health services at no cost.  Safaricom Foundation Trustee Josephine Kamanthe reaffirmed the Foundation’s commitment to promoting access to quality health care delivery.

“In this time and age, it is unfortunate that majority of people do not know they are unwell until they get critically sick. It is for this reason that we seek to offer free medical camps where people from all backgrounds can access medical check-up, diagnosis and treatment at no cost,” Kamanthe said.

“We believe that good health is not only an outcome of, but also a foundation for development,” She added.

This is the second medical camp in the seventh phase where Safaricom Foundation and DMI will conduct medical camps in various parts of the country and two youth camps in a period of one year. The first camp in the new phase was held in Kandara, Murang’a County.

Since 2005, Safaricom Foundation and DMI have conducted 69 free medical camps reaching close to 180,000 people across the country.

“Our target is to reach the neediest of communities and provide free medical checkups to people who would otherwise suffer in silence. We are also grateful to Safaricom Foundation for their continued support throughout the years,” DMI director said.

Safaricom Foundation partners with Kenyan communities, organizations and institutions to improve and transform lives.

With a footprint in all of Kenya’s 47 counties, and a strong history of partnerships dating back to its inception in 2003, the Safaricom Foundation has worked with Speed, Simplicity and Trust to implement over 1,000 community projects, impacting over 3 million people, through thematic areas of Health, Education, Environmental Conservation, Economic Empowerment, Water, Disaster Relief, and Arts and Culture.

Their three year strategy which runs from April 2014 to March 2017 has built strong history of results and partnerships, and contributed immensely towards Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.  Safaricom has leveraged the power of innovation and technology to drive projects forward and also offer a blend of grants, equity and ultra-low cost loans to their partners.

Safaricom Foundation continues to strengthen and improve  the country’s health status oblivious of ethnic and political affiliations.

Ultimately, bridges don’t have anywhere to go. It’s the people that cross them who do. It is the people returning home or going somewhere to discover something new. We spend alot of time thinking about the bridge and not as much time thinking about the people that are crossing into better health, potentially out of health wanting to come back.

While the politics are important, the view point of the people we strive to care for are ultimately the most important things we must incorporate into our efforts. While no right is superior to the other, our constitution does not proffer self serving endeavors. Let us consider the human element when striving to advance democracy in our country.

Bravo Safaricom Foundation.

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