Academic and health research institutions can partner with SIHAYAKO on creating and providing the most up-to-date holistic health information and resources that will most benefit patients, prevent disease and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare providers across Africa.



The engagement of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), development organizations and other third-party players in healthcare help in active facilitation roles in areas such as coordinating health institutions and matchmaking between public and private institutions when formulating a health plan formula, financing services, and resolution of conflicts. The engagement of a neutral party can be helpful in promoting transparency in payment systems and in minimizing disputes.



Donors and foundations can benefit from the program by positioning themselves as founding funders to a program that has an explicit mandate to develop and maintain knowledge of how to best advance all structures of health. Becoming a key sponsor at HEALTH AWARDS will provide a unique platform for any organization. The AWARDS will witness applications from all over the country. This will provide an opportunity to align your brand alongside successful Trusts promoting the same core values as your organization. The event also provides an opportunity to network with your category entrants in a social environment which everyone is on hand to champion sustainability. The Awards can help raise your profile within the healthcare fields and build stronger relationships with core partners within the healthcare fraternity. This is the only dedicated awards for sustainable health development within the nursing profession.