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SIHA YAKO is partnering with practicing veterinarians to bring you  a unique, innovative online resource focused on your pet’s health. It’s our aim to give you the tools you need to keep your pets happy, healthy and disease-free by offering the most up-to-date methods available and to empower you to become the most informed advocate you can be for the animals in your care.

It’s our goal to show you how even small, simple and often inexpensive measures and lifestyle changes can make a positive difference in your pets’ lives. At, you’ll find videos, articles and other resources to help you bring out the very best in your pet, health-wise and in every other way. Being proactive means you focus on identifying, then removing, unnecessary stressors and potential lifestyle obstacles from your pet’s world before disease can occur. These obstacles might involve your pet’s diet, exercise, environment, veterinary care or other factors.

A proactive methodology is a contrast to the conventional approach to veterinary medicine, which typically waits for disease to occur before seeking to alleviate the symptoms, often through the use of drugs or surgery. It’s actually a reactive approach, which often ignores the root cause of illness.

Integrative veterinary care seeks to address not just the physical but also the mental, emotional, social and every other characteristic of your pet’s well-being. It’s a recognition that there’s no one shot-in-the-paw approach, if you will, that applies to every situation when it comes to treating animals. Veterinary care, as well as the optimal care of humans, is an art, which emerges as a practitioner identifies and applies the therapies that will unlock an individual’s healing potential.

The concept of wellness medicine is a relatively new concept in veterinary practice. It’s not just the absence of disease but also recognizing the intentional lifestyle choices and changes that can optimize the health and vitality in your pets. Just like you, our desire is to help the animals in our lives to thrive, not just survive.

In practice, we prefer to integrate both conventional and a wide variety of alternative therapies to improve and even enhance patients’ lives. We endevour to address the Three Pillars of Health for each individual animal. This entails:

  • Species-appropriate nutrition
  • A balanced immune system
  • Resilient frame and organ systems

At the SIHA YAKO Healthy Pets site, you’ll find many examples of the proactive and integrative wellness approach in a wide array of articles and videos covering every aspect of your pet’s health. Topics range from how to feed your pets and give them plenty of exercise to the best advice on vaccinations, to pest preventatives and alternatives to toxic drugs, as well as practical, how-to videos on things like how to brush your pets’ teeth or give them a bath.

In regard to your pets’ behavior, there are dozens more resources focusing on such topics as how to train dogs to approach other animals, how to reach abused animals and how pets can change as they age. Along with the practical side of caring for your pet, the online Healthy Pets collection includes a quantity of lighthearted pieces and a huge library of adorable, informative and often hilarious videos featuring pets around the world and fascinating animal facts.

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